OkcPets Magazine July 2023

July / August 2023 • OKC Pets 31 ers — travel with dogs. With no national network of dog parks, Love’s saw a need and felt we could fill it.” Question: “Let’s say I’m traveling with my canine companion, and I stop at one of Love’s dog parks. What should I expect when I get there?” Answer: “You’ll find a clean fenced area, with many locations separated for large and small dogs. There will be water for your pets, along with plenty of grass so they can run and exercise. At many of our locations, there are turf and gravel areas, so your dog can use the park rain or shine. There are well-maintained waste stations stocked with bags to make cleanup easy. And you can expect seating options for you to rest while you watch your dog socialize and play.” Question: “How many Love’s dog parks have been built thus far, and how long has that taken?” Answer: “We have the largest interstate network of dog parks in the country, with more than 370 locations, and we continue to add 25 or more every year as we build new locations and remodel older sites. We opened our first dog park in 2019, so we have built this network in just four years. Customers can find out which Love’s locations have dog parks by visiting https:// www.loves.com or downloading the Love’s Connect app.” Question: “Would you say the addition of these parks has been a success so far?” Answer: “Our dog parks have been wild- ly successful and are one of the reasons our loyal customers keep coming back to Love’s. Offering a space for dogs has turned into a competitive advantage for us.” Question: “Why is this concept of ex- panding the number of dog parks import- ant to Love’s as a company?“ Answer: “Love’s wants to meet guests’ needs while they are on their journeys. It can be challenging when traveling with dogs to find safe spots on the interstates where they can rest and get some exercise. This initiative helps us solve that problem for our customers and gives them another reason to stop at Love’s for all their traveling needs. The road is hard, but Love’s is easy!” Partnering with Bella SPCA Love’s proves to be a champion for pets through this unique addition to its rest stops, but providing safe spaces to roam isn’t the only thing Love’s does for pets. Since 2018, Love’s has partnered with the Bella SPCA Rescue Center in Guthrie to host an annual low-cost vaccination event for local families. The event also normally includes activities, giveaways, and prizes. The event was held in May this year, but it will likely be scheduled again in spring 2024. So if you plan to travel with your canine companions anytime soon, download the Love’s app to find locations of dog parks or simply keep an eye out for that yellow sign and check to see if a dog park is on- site. Then walk the dogs in, shut the gate, and plop yourself on the bench while they take their time exploring the fenced area. Between this sweet perk and Love’s contri- butions toward low-cost vaccinations, dog owners have a lot to love about Love’s. A beautiful dog enjoys a safe, fenced area to run around in. Dog parks are now available at many Love’s Travel Stops. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.