OkcPets Magazine May 2021

May/June 2021 • OKC Pets 31 the downtown skyline. The outdoor seating area is covered in artificial turf. Sunset has an extended 50-seat bar top with bold banquet booths and a stadium-lounge seating area perfect for an unbuttoned, quaint experience. But what makes this space truly unique is the competitive, interactive game area that allows you and your pups to expe- rience a great time. Dogs are welcome throughout the entire bar. My dogs, Lancelot and Jake, and I went on March 20 shortly after the grand opening. Lancelot and Jake’s waters were brought out first, which to me is a good sign of dog friendli- ness. As we were by ourselves, we sat at the bar but were treated with a lot of respect. The food at Sunset offers a variety of shared plates, sliders and pizza. The bar menu highlights the frozen cocktails, a signature espresso martini on tap and local craft beers from a range of neighboring breweries. The mac n cheese fries were the talk of the table—so creamy and delicious with a special spicy sausage; it was great and like nothing I’ve had before. I highly recommend this as either an appetizer or even a meal on its own. I will not say that all the food was as high-ranking as the mac n cheese fries, but the dog friendliness does allow some room for error. Shyon, the bar’s proprietor, stopped by to visit us and added that personal touch to our experience. Located in the heart of Midtown at 401 NW 10th St., this restaurant’s concept highlights open-air gatherings and new American cuisine, featuring vegan and vegetarian options. It helps to bring recognition to the lively dining scene of the Mid- town area and serves as an example of how pets and pet owners can coopera- tively interact with non-pet patrons. The bar features 27 television screens perfect for watching local sports teams while enjoying a cold brew. It is open until 9 p.m. to all ages and after 9 p.m. remains open to guests 21 and over. We enjoyed our visit to Sunset Patio Bar of Midtown and would recom- mend the restaurant for any type of outing. Sunset receives our dog-friend- ly restaurant stamp of approval and a 5-paws rating. With Sunset’s high-en- ergy, I have no choice but to give it a 5-hands-raised rating as well. If you have a suggestion for future articles or information you’d like to see added, please reach out to me at Michael.OkcPetsMag@gmail.com. Yo u can join our Facebook group at “Friends of mid- town mutts dogpark” or follow the exploits of Lancelot and Jake, my two writing assistants, on Instagram @itsadogslife.okc. Chicken and waffle sliders Mac n cheese fries