OkcPets Magazine May 2023

26 OKC Pets • May / June 2023 Lessons in Love Canine Therapy Visits Enrich Classroom by David Gallant | Photos courtesy of Sheri Wetekam W e are going on a car ride! Mom dresses me in my flashy therapy vest and pointy party hat. That means we are going to see the tiny humans. Mom opens the car door and says, “Jump in, Hazel; we are going to school.” I get excited and bounce from the pavement into the car crate. Then after I stop wiggling and lie down, Mom closes the door. After several turns, bumps, and stops, I know we are getting close. We take this trip often to Will Rogers Elementary School in Putnam City. I can tell by the number of turns how far from the school we are. When we pull into the parking lot, I stand on all four legs, let out a small bark, and begin to do my Aussie wiggle dance. The car stops, and Mom gets out. The students and therapy dog Hazel enjoy quiet time in the reading area of their classroom.