TulsaPets Magazine January 2022

34 TulsaPets • January/February 2022 Owasso Fire Department Adds Therapy Dog by Lauren Cavagnolo Photographs courtesy of the Owasso Fire Department H e doesn’t have the spots of a traditional Dalmatian firehouse dog, but he can stop, drop, and roll. Fahren (short for Fahrenheit) is a Goldendoodle that Anthem Service Dogs donated to the Owasso Fire Department. He accompanies Assistant Chief Arami Goldstein to work each day, serving as a therapy dog to community members and firefighters. Goldstein, who has been with the Owasso Fire Department since 2011, previously worked at Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) with Kate Friedl, cofounder and executive director of Anthem Service Dogs. They stayed in touch through social media, and that is how Friedl ended up bringing dogs to the station for training to help acclimate them to loud noises and flashing lights. “I saw her walking around with the dogs and how much joy they brought every- body,” Goldstein shared. “We go through a lot of stressful times. Some of it is very obvious, whether it is a traumatic call that we run or a small child that is in severe distress. There are a lot of things that go on in people’s personal lives that nobody knows anything about. You really never know what struggles people are having.” Fahren learns the complications of fire trucks at the Owasso Fire Department. T R A I N I NG F OR A L L