TulsaPets Magazine January 2024

January / February 2024 • TulsaPets 19 fearful — tail tucked, cowering, wanting to escape from her new life. But the other dogs, including Maddie, had another plan. They seemed to adore her and accept her. It’s amazing to see animals caring for each other. I quickly realized this dog could not go to a new home while she was this fearful. She was our new family member and a new project, indeed. She would need to build confi- dence and trust. That was not going to happen overnight. It was essential that her perception of people would change. Not all humans are cruel, impatient, or hurtful. We quick- ly made a list of all of the things that triggered her fear, and there were many. We tried very hard as a family to remove those triggers from her repertoire. She would need a structured, predictable, and positive environment. We started consistency in every aspect of her new home. But she also lacked something very important — a name. She has two large wing-shaped spots on her back with a heart in the middle. “Halo” was blurted out, and we all knew it was a perfect fit — although if I am feeling frustrated with her, I might just call her Tollgate in mem- ory of her turnpike adventures. Halo is a work in progress and is not perfect. But she is very loved, sleeps under the covers each night, and is a constant companion to all. She is delightful at one moment and a Tasmanian devil the next. We try not to laugh at her terrier ways, and all agree she is a perfect addition to our family. My pea coat still has Halo fur embedded in the wool, a reminder of our connection. I am sure many of you have stories much like mine. I am hopeful that my story serves as a reminder to share more of our heart with others. We have so much to offer this world and must remember that we are much stronger together. Halo’s first Christmas with Karen Holman and her dog family was in 2018. By November 2023, Halo has gained some pounds and years. You can see how she got her name — two wings with a heart in between.