TulsaPets Magazine January 2024

4 TulsaPets • January / February 2024 A s we fly into 2024, I’m sitting here left wondering what in the heck happened to 2023? Also, what happened to the last 18 years? 2024 marks year 18 for TulsaPets and to say the time has flown by is an understatement. And who is this handsome pup on the cover, do you ask? It’s Freddie, my rescued pup from Lab Rescue. Freddie (aka Fred, aka Frederick when he’s in trouble) truly is a joy. He’s part rascal, part lovebug, part super smart, and part semi-human (in that he wants to “talk” to everyone). He’s now living his best life, after being in an abusive home in Chickasaw, OK. All Souls Unitarian church has a new pet memorial garden that’s super lovely. Read about it in this issue, and try to visit if you can. With Groundhog Day looming on the horizon, we thought it timely that Kim Doner wanted to include her article on groundhogs. She explains the origin of Groundhog Day and includes several facts about these little fellas. Quite an interesting article, so don’t miss it. And again, Nancy Gallimore saves another dog from a complete life of misery. Rudy the Dalmatian had lived his entire life on a chain, with little or no interaction with humans. Thanks to Nancy, Rudy was rescued from the situation, was fostered by Nancy for a few months, and is now living his best life in his forever home! We wish each of you a wonderful 2024, full of all good things, and hey — here’s to another 18 years! Marilyn King TulsaPets Volume 18, Number 1 PUBLISHER Marilyn King 918.520.0611 mking@tulsapetsmagazine.com EDITOR Rowena Mills 918.274.9251 hrmills444@yahoo.com CREATIVE DIRECTOR Amanda Bullock WEB MANAGER/AD SALES Steve Kirkpatrick 918.230.2493 steve@tulsapetsmagazine.com ADVERTISING SALES Marilyn King 918.520.0611 mking@tulsapetsmagazine.com Steve Kirkpatrick 918.230.2493 steve@tulsapetsmagazine.com CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Kim Doner Nancy Gallimore Mary Green Karen Holman Jennie Lloyd Rowena Mills 918.520.0611 www.tulsapetsmagazine.com P.O. Box 14128 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74159-1128 ©2024. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the express written consent of the publisher. FROM THE PUBLISHER