TulsaPets Magazine July 2022

918-960-2828 | 6589 E BA Frontage RD T ulsa, OK 74145 | AngelsPetFuneralHome.com Grief is Hard THE STAGES OF GRIEF D r. Kubler-Ross developed the five stages of grief to deal with human death. Dr. Sife, author of The Loss of a Pet and founder of The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, took those stages and modified them to describe the grieving process specifically for pet loss. It is important to note that everyone’s journey through grief will be different. We can navigate the stages in many different ways. It is not a linear process but is very fluid and we can move in and out of stages day to day. Going through grief takes time and awareness of our feelings, thoughts and needs. However, successful completion of each stage is needed to fully move onto the final stage of resolution. SHOCK AND DISBELIEF: Individuals may refuse to accept the fact that the loss has occurred. “This can’t be happening” ANGER, ALIENATION AND DISTANCING: An overwhelming sense of frustration and outrage. Confused, hurt, angry at everything including ourselves. “Why is this happening” DENIAL: A psychological reaction to something that we unconsciously find too painful to bear and the mind refuses to accept its reality. “I will do anything to change this.” GUILT: An individual perceives that they failed in not preventing the death of the beloved pet. “What could I have done differently.” DEPRESSION: The reality of the loss has set in “What’s the point of going on, who am I without my pet?” RESOLUTION (closure): Acceptance of the loss, a release of the sharpness of the pain without diminishing the beloved pet’s memory; “I’m going to be okay.”