TulsaPets Magazine March 2021

Locally Owned w Veterinarians On Staff S OUTHERN A GRICULTURE . COM T ULSA w O WASSO w B ROKEN A RROW $ 8 Rabies Vaccination Save $ 4 During AnyWeekly LowCost Vaccination Clinic PenningtonWild Bird Seed 50 lb. $ 14 99 Save $ 8 APRIL SAVINGS M ARCH W ILD B IRD S AVINGS SHOP LOCAL Tips to Attract More Birds Offer Multiple Styles of Bird Feeders Offer Many Types of Food Sunflower, Thistle, Peanuts, Fruit, Suet &Mealworms Birds Love Natural Shelter Add trees, shrubs and flowers to your backyard Consider Adding A Birdbath Birds Need FreshWater Year Round for Drinking &Bathing. Ideal water depth is 1 - 3 Inches. 10 % OFF W ILD B IRD F EEDERS