TulsaPets Magazine March 2022

2 TulsaPets • March/April 2022 918-960-2828 | 6589 E BA Frontage RD Tulsa, OK 74145 | AngelsPetFuneralHome.com Grief is Hard O ften a pet is so much more than “just an animal,” they are often part of the family and a loyal companion. A true bond with a pet can provide a source of unconditional acceptance, love and support. Therefore, when your pet dies, it may be one of the most difficult things you have experienced and may cause intense grief. ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR GRIEF Unfortunately, in our society grief is often not talked about or is seen as a weakness, and after a pet dies someone’s grief may be minimized by others who do not understand the strong relationship between humans and their pets. Some pet owners may even feel like there is something wrong with them for grieving, or that they are “going crazy” for feeling the intense grief they feel. Know that often the feelings you may be feeling are normal. It is important to acknowledge the grief you are feeling from the death of your pet; this means to accept and recognize that the grief you are feeling is real. When you acknowledge your grief, it is easier to know how to help yourself and to find the support that you may need. — Angel A. Askins, owner