OkcPets Magazine March 2023

March / April 2023 • OKC Pets 41 a gradual process that staff members super- vise closely. They started the little kitten in an adjacent enclosure so the juvenile bob- cats could see, smell, and interact through the caging. She was quite interested in the larger kids next door, but they remained aloof, like uninterested teenagers. The staff knew the juveniles were curious about their new little neighbor, however, and recent- ly put them all into the same enclosure together. All three kittens have a journey ahead of them at WildCare before they can be released to the wild, so their story is not over. The power of the thousand stories about WildCare’s wild patients is the compassion that stands behind them — people who rescue them often make long drives to WildCare, staff members have dedicated their lives to caring for them, volunteers share their time and talent to support the staff and the organization, and donors provide the resources for this special work. All of these animals and many others are getting their second chance at life because of the compassion and caring of people. Pickup and Dropoff in Our Corgi Cab, Daycare, Boarding, and Parties Now Offering Dog Reiki Ruby’s K9 Corral Boarding & Daycare In The Clean, Country Air. Call today! 405-999-5822 info@rubysk9corral.com www.rubysk9corral.com 405-256-7043 | By Appointment Only 107 S. Castle Rock Lane | Mustang, OK thechisolmtails@gmail.com This dwarf American toad was brought toWildCare Oklahoma on September 23, 2022, with a broken leg. He is recovering well.