OkcPets Magazine March 2023

March / April 2023 • OKC Pets 43 Thanicare W hen a beloved pet dies, Thanicare pet cremation in Oklahoma City is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help ease owners’ grief with personalized, turnkey service. “We come into people’s lives and homes, often in the middle of the night, when they are dealing with the shock of losing a family member,” said Ron Robinson, founder of Thanicare, which specializes in small-animal cremation and memorials. “We take care to incorporate personal, religious, and cultural preferences that help pet parents honor their animal companions in the best possible way.” Since 2007, Thanicare has attended to thousands of families through its offices in San Diego, California; Minneapolis–St. Paul, Minnesota; and, as of May 2022, Oklahoma City. “We provide a solution to pet owners — especially those who are homebound — when their animal companions die at home,” Robinson said. Thanicare’s service package can be ar- ranged online or over the phone. It involves three steps. (1) Free 24/7 home pickup: Rob- inson himself answers all incoming calls and helps guide pet parents through a difficult time. A Thanicare team member will then pick up the deceased animal, usually within an hour. (2) 100 percent private cremation: Thanicare manages the process and places ashes in a keepsake urn. There are several styles to choose from, including a white cedarwood urn designed by woodworking artist Jim Moody of Tennessee that com- memorates the circle of life. (3) Home deliv- ery: Within a week, Thanicare will contact the pet parent to arrange a convenient time to deliver the keepsake to the home. Even after the keepsake is delivered, Robinson checks in regularly with each pet parent to ensure the person’s overall well-be- ing. Thanicare also promotes community well-being with recurring monthly donations to local charities — such as Rita’s Angel Fund, an arm of the Oklahoma Humane Society that assists treatable animals with extensive medical needs. For more information, contact Thanicare at (888) 845-7555 or ron@thanicare.com. WELCOME, NEW ADVERTISER Dr. Virginia A. Schultz 9225 5. 1-35 Service Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73160 (405) 616-EYES (3937) Fax (405) 631-3937 E Y E C A R E C L I N I C F O R A N I M A L S