TulsaPets Magazine September 2022

September / October 2022 • TulsaPets 27 It’s no secret. Seniors and animals are good for each other. And increasingly, Oklahoma compa- nies recognize that — from insurance companies to senior living to hospice and more. They realize it is mutually beneficial for older people and their pets to stay together wherever they are. The com- panionship of a cat, dog, or other little critter is a highlight in a person’s life — and an irreplaceable source of trust and love. We are happy to tell you about those who value that special bond. CommunityCare C ommunityCare, your local Medicare re- source, is proud to be Oklahoma’s largest locally owned health insurance company. “We are owned by two premier health systems in northeastern Oklahoma — As- cension St. John and Saint Francis Health System,” explains Betsy Penturf, corporate communications manager. “We work together to provide the care our communi- ty deserves. Located in downtown Tulsa, we have been serving Oklahomans for nearly 30 years. We have plans that cover individuals, families, employer groups, and Medicare beneficiaries.” Penturf adds, “We think being local matters to our members — we’re here in the community with you. In fact, Communi- tyCare’s Senior Health Plan has the highest customer-service satisfaction rating in the service area.” Senior Health Plan serves more than 30,000 Oklahomans, offering plans that include all Medicare benefits and many additional benefits that Medicare doesn’t cover. CommunityCare’s sales team helps you to enroll in a plan and makes sure you understand your benefits. “So often, we hear from Medicare beneficiaries that they weren’t aware of the Medicare rules or insurance choices because they didn’t know what to ask. That’s what our team provides — answers to those ques- tions you weren’t aware you should ask. We offer new-member orientation meetings to dive deeper into your benefit plan and show you where to look for more information,” Penturf says. “If you are a member of Community- Care’s Senior Health Plan, we hope to con- tinue serving you in the coming years. If you are not, please make sure you reach out to us during the Medicare annual enroll- ment period (October 15–December 7) to discover what CommunityCare can do for you,” Penturf says. Call (918) 594-5257 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Fri- day or visit online at https://www.ccokad- vantage.com . Seniors and Pets Share a Special Bond