TulsaPets Magazine September 2022

28 TulsaPets • September / October 2022 Miller Hospice M iller Hospice takes pride in being “big enough to serve, small enough to care.” Miller Hospice is locally owned by Zarrow Pointe and has been serving the Tulsa community for 13 years.   It is a not-for-profit hospice agency which is fully committed to providing the highest quality of care to patients and families at end of life, focusing on patient living, and treating symptoms so that patients can experi- ence quality of life. The services that Miller provides are intermittent nursing visits, personal care by home health aides, medical social-work visits, chaplain visits, on-call nursing services, and grief sup- port.  Miller Hospice can help patients in their own homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and indepen- dent living facilities.  Most medica- tions and supplies are covered related to a patient’s life-threatening illness.  If you think your loved one needs this service, please feel free to call Miller Hospice at (918) 742-6415 to explore how Miller can help support you and your loved one. Montereau “D on’t wait to move.” Montereau is calling … you and your pets! Bill and Anne Finger have enjoyed a storybook marriage. More than 30 years ago, they met in a church in east Tennessee, where he was the music director. His work in insurance claims management brought him to Tulsa, and fate brought them to Montereau. “We were looking for a place that offered medical assistance for my wife, and of the places we toured, Mon- tereau was the best one,” Finger said, recalling that he and his wife moved to Tulsa’s premier retirement community in November 2021. “The amenities are just fantastic,” he went on, citing the maintenance team, the cleaning service, top-notch food offerings, on-site exercise classes, and much, much more. “There’s more to do at the community than you can possibly do in a day, but one of the greatest benefits is you make a lot of new friends.” Another member of the Finger family also enjoys all the people at Montereau. Five-year-old Miniature Schnauzer Bella loves walking around the campus lake and along walking trails where people and animals don’t have to worry about the hassles of traffic. And of course, the campus dog park gives Bella plenty of space to run and frolic. Finger said he absolutely recom- mends Montereau. He still works part time, but otherwise you can find him at classes, on outings throughout Tulsa, meeting friends for game nights, and generally enjoying all the commu- nity has to offer. “You’ll have a hard time finding anything else like it in Tulsa or anywhere,” he finished. “Don’t wait to move!” Legend Senior Living “B efore we tell you how a pet can improve your health and state of mind, let’s talk about how much we love animals. They make you feel good. Is that not enough reason? At Legend Senior Living, we welcome pets and encourage pet ownership,” says Victoria McKinley, marketing manager. “We can cite all kinds of medical research that confirms an animal lover’s instinct that pets are not just good to you — they’re good for you. The Animal Health Foundation discusses several important benefits that pets bring to seniors and their wellness programs.” Most regular dog walkers are “moderate to vigorous” exercisers. Half the people who walk dogs get 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. Only a third of people without pets get that much. Walking is good for the dog too. Being around animals lowers cortisol levels; cortisol is a key stress hormone. One study of hospitalized heart patients found that dogs decreased patients’ blood pressure by about 10 percent in the left side of their hearts. People with cats are 40 percent less likely to have a fatal heart attack. The National Institute of Mental Health recognizes animal-assisted therapy as a treatment for depression and other mood disorders. Pets help alleviate feelings of isola- tion. Contact with an animal acts similarly on brain chemistry as some antidepressants. Walking a pet not only socializes the pet owner but releases endorphins that are neces- sary to well-being. At Legend Senior Living, the pet-friendly environment makes pet owning easy without infringing on people who don’t own pets. “Walking paths are integral to the ‘pur- poseful design’ of Legend residences,” says McKinley. “Enjoy your pet’s company!” SENIORS AND PETS